Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 6162-1:2016

Hydraulik - Flänsanslutningar med delad eller hel klämfläns och metriska skruvar eller tumskruvar - Del 1: Flänsanslutningar för användning vid tryck 3,5 MPa (35 bar) till 35 MPa (350 bar), DN 13 till DN 127 (ISO 6162-1:2012, IDT)

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This part of ISO 6162 gives general and dimensional specifcations for fanged heads, split fange clamps (FCS and FCSM), one-piece fange clamps (FC and FCM), ports and mounting surfaces applicable to four-screw, split and one-piece fange clamp type tube connectors and hose fttings for use at pressures of 3,5 MPa (35 bar1)) to 35 MPa (350 bar). It also specifes the dimensions of the seals to be used, as well as the grooves that house the seals.

This part of ISO 6162 also recognizes the need to accommodate metric screw fasteners (type 1), as well as to provide a means to use existing inch screw fasteners (type 2).

These connections are intended for application in hydraulic systems on industrial and commercial products where it is desired to avoid the use of threaded connectors.

Surges of pressure higher than the nominal ratings can reduce the ability of the fange connections to retain the hydraulic fuid. This needs to be taken into account in the design of the hydraulic system.


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Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Hydraulik och pneumatik, SIS/TK 106

Internationell titel: Hydraulic fluid power - Flange connections with split or one-piece flange clamps and metric or inch screws - Part 1: Flange connectors, ports and mounting surfaces for use at pressures of 3,5 MPa (35 bar) to 35 MPa (350 bar), DN 13 to DN 127 (ISO 6162-1:2012, IDT)

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Ersätter: SS-ISO 6162-1/Cor 1:2004 , SS-ISO 6162-1