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Hydraulik - Utmattningsprovning av tryckbehållare av metall - Del 2: Klassificeringsmetoder (ISO/TR 10771-2:2008, IDT)

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This part of ISO 10771 specifies a test method for fatigue rating of the pressure-containing envelopes of components used in hydraulic fluid power systems, as tested under steady internal cyclic pressure loads in accordance with ISO 10771-1.

This part of ISO 10771 is only applicable to components whose failure mode is the fatigue of any element in the pressure-containing envelope, and that:

- are manufactured from metals;

- are operated at temperatures that exclude creep and low-temperature embrittlement;

- are only subjected to pressure-induced stresses;

- are not subjected to loss of strength due to corrosion or other chemical action;

- can include gaskets, seals and other non-metallic components; however, these are not considered part of the pressure-containing envelope being tested (see note 3 of 5.5 of ISO 10771-1:2002).

This part of ISO 10771 does not apply to piping as defined in ISO 4413 (i.e. connectors, hose, tubing, pipe).

NOTE See ISO 19879, ISO 6803 and ISO 6605 for methods of fatigue testing of tube connectors, hoses and hose assemblies.

This part of ISO 10771 establishes a general rating method that can be applied to many hydraulic fluid power components. In addition, EN 14359 has been developed for accumulators.


Övriga komponenter till hydrauliska system


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Internationell titel: Hydraulic fluid power - Fatigue pressure testing of metal pressure-containing envelopes - Part 2: Rating methods (ISO/TR 10771-2:2008, IDT)

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