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Explosiv atmosfär - Del 20-1: Ämnens egenskaper för klassificering av gas och ånga - Provningsmetoder och data

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This part of IEC 60079 provides guidance on classification of gases and vapours. It describes a test method intended for the measurement of the maximum experimental safe gaps (MESG) for gas- or vapour-air mixtures under normal conditions of temperature and pressure so as to permit the selection of an appropriate group of equipment. The method does not take into account the possible effects of obstacles on the safe gaps. This standard describes also a test method intended for use in the determination of the auto-ignition temperature of a chemically pure vapour or gas in air at atmospheric pressure.
The tabulated values of chemical and engineering properties of substances are provided to assist engineers in their selection of equipment to be used in hazardous areas. It is hoped to publish further data from time to time, as the results of tests made in several countries become available.
The scope of these data has been selected with particular reference to the use of equipment in hazardous areas, and notice has been taken of standard measurement methods.


Elutrustning för explosionsfarliga miljöer


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Internationell titel: Explosive atmospheres - Part 20-1: Material characteristics for gas and vapour classification - Test methods and data

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