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Provning av frostresistens hos betong - Inre nedbrytning

Status: Gällande

This document specifies three test methods for the estimation of the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete with regard to internal structural damage. It can be used either to compare new constituents or new concrete compositions against a constituent or a concrete composition that is known to give adequate performance in the local environment or to assess the test results against some absolute numerical values based on local experiences. Extrapolation of test results to assess different concrete i.e. new constituents or new concrete compositions requires an expert evaluation. NOTE Specification based on these test methods should take into account the behaviour of concrete under practical conditions. There is no established correlation between the results obtained by the three test methods. All tests will clearly identify poor and good behaviour, but they differ in their assessment of marginal behaviour.


Betongkonstruktioner (91.080.40)


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Internationell titel: Testing the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete - Internal structural damage

Artikelnummer: STD-45329

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Fastställd: 2006-05-10

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