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Sanitetsenheter - Bubbelbad - Specifikation

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This European Standard specifies "characteristics" for whirlpool baths, having a rated voltage of not more than 250 V for single phase appliances and 480 V for other appliances, which are intended to be installed in indoor domestic situations and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for personal hygiene. Such whirlpool baths are tested and supplied as a complete independent unit designed to be drained down after every use. They may be transported in several separate parts, for assembly on site, to facilitate delivery. Safety aspects of Whirlpool baths (except use by young children and slow moving/weak elderly or disabled individuals) are covered by EN 60335 2 60. Exclusions: this standard does not cover additional requirements for whirlpool baths intended for uses where specific medical provisions are required, or whirlpool baths for communal uses where they are not drained down after every use. Portable whirlpool devices are not covered by this standard. For the purposes of this standard the term ‘domestic situations’ includes use in hotels, accommodation for students, hospitals and similar buildings. Warning: Slow moving elderly or disabled persons should take care when using whirlpool baths. Young children should not be allowed to use whirlpool baths without supervision. NOTE 1 It is unrealistic to expect manufacturers to provide a definition of what constitutes a ‘slow moving elderly or disabled person’, or ‘young children’. The former is the responsibility of the individual or a carer. The latter is a parental responsibility. NOTE 2 When EN 60335-2-60 is amended to cover use of whirlpool baths by slow moving elderly or disabled persons and young children the warning given above will be deleted from this standard.


Sanitet (91.140.70)


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Internationell titel: Sanitary appliances - Specification for whirlpool baths

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