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Planeringsgruppen för SIS bilstandardisering

More information about the committèes work:

Now working on 6 standards
ISO 24219, Road vehicles - Submergence test methods for power window switches
EN 17347, Road vehicles - Machines for mounting and demounting vehicle tyres - Safety requirements
ISO 9021, Motorcycles - Controls - Types, positions and functions
ISO 6727, Road vehicles - Motorcycles - Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales
ISO 21755-2, Motorcycle - Measurement method for evaporative emissions - Part 2: Measurement method by using permeation test procedure
ISO 21755-1, Motorcycles - Measurement method for evaporative emissions - Part 1: SHED test procedure
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Published 39 standards
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Participants 4 companies and organizations
Scania CV AB, Södertälje
Volvo Car Corporation, Göteborg
Volvo Car Corporation, Göteborg
Volvo Technology AB, Göteborg
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International participation 5 international committees
ISO/TC 22, Road vehicles
ISO/TC 22/AG 1, Automated driving ad hoc group (ADAG)
ISO/TC 22/SAG, Strategic advisory group
ISO/TC 22/SC 38, Motorcycles and mopeds
CEN/TC 301/WG 15, Safety of machines for mounting and demounting vehicles tyres
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Arbetet styrs och finansieras av de organisationer som deltar i kommittén. Projektavgiften beror på arbetsform och omfattning, samt antal deltagare.


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Peter Claeson

Peter Claeson
Project manager

Ylva Yassine

Ylva Yassine
Project assistant