Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 7768:2009

Textiles - Test method for assessing the smoothness appearance of fabrics after cleansing (ISO 7768:2009, IDT)

Status: Valid

This International Standard specifies a method for assessing the retention of the original smooth appearance, after one or several cleansing treatments, of the fabrics tested.

This method has been developed for use primarily with Type B domestic washing machines, as defined in ISO 6330, in the cleansing process. However, it may be possible to use it with Type A machines, as defined in the same International Standard. This test method could be used for judging smoothness appearance after other cleansing processes.

NOTE It is recognized that prints and patterns will mask the mussiness present in fabrics. However, this does not detract from the smoothness appearance concept which seeks to provide the consumer with fabrics which require little or no ironing.


Textile fabrics (59.080.30) Laundry appliances (97.060)

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Language: English

Written by: Färg, tvätt och vatten, SIS/TK 160/AG 02

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Article no: STD-69715

Edition: 3

Approved: 5/25/2009

No of pages: 28

Replaces: SS-ISO 7768:2006