Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 5085-1:2004

Textiles - Determination of thermal resistance - Part 1: Low thermal resistance (ISO 5085-1:1989, IDT)

Status: Valid

1.1 This part of ISO 5085 specifies a method for the determination of the resistance of fabrics, fabric assemblies or fibre aggregates in sheet form to the transmission of heat through them in the "steady state" condition. It applies to materials whose thermal resistance is up to approximately 0,2 m2 x K/W (see however "Introduction", last paragraph).
1.2 The method is suitable for materials up to 20 mm thick (above this thickness, edge losses become appreciable). Advice on suitable components for constructing the apparatus is given in Annex A, means of determining the thermal conductivity are described in annex B and numerical values for some textile materials are given in annex C.


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