Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 11073-10101:2005/A1:2017

Health informatics - Point-of-care medical device communication - Part 10101: Nomenclature - Amendment 1: Additional definitions (ISO/IEEE 11073-10101:2004/Amd 1:2017)

Status: Valid

The scope of this standard is nomenclature architecture for point-of-care (POC) medical device communication (MDC). It consists of three parts: the body of the standard, which defines the overall architecture of the organization and relationships among nomenclature components; normative Annex A and Annex B, which provide specifications of semantics and syntaxes, respectively; and informative Annex C, the bibliography. This standard is intended for use within the context of IEEE Std 1073,1 which sets out the relationship between this and other documents in the POC MDC series.


Information technology, office machines (01.040.35) IT applications in health care technology (35.240.80)

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Language: English

Written by: SIS - Hälso- och sjukvård

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Article no: STD-8029956

Edition: 1

Approved: 12/4/2017

No of pages: 128

Amendment: SS-EN ISO 11073-10101:2005