Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 16269-6:2005

Statistical interpretation of data - Part 6: Determination of statistical tolerance intervals (ISO 16269-6:2005, IDT)

Status: Valid

This part of ISO 16269 describes procedures for establishing tolerance intervals that include at least a specified proportion of the population with a specified confidence level. Both one-sided and two-sided statistical tolerance intervals are provided, a one-sided interval having either an upper or a lower limit while a two-sided interval has both upper and lower limits. Two methods are provided, a parametric method for the case where the characteristic being studied has a normal distribution and a distribution-free method for the case where nothing is known about the distribution except that it is continuous.


Application of statistical methods (03.120.30) Quality techniques (06.020)

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Article no: STD-39605

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Approved: 5/4/2005

No of pages: 33

Replaces: SS 14212