Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 11843-4:2005

Capability of detection - Part 4: Methodology for comparing the minimum detectable value with a given value (ISO 11843-4:2003, IDT)

Status: Valid

This part of ISO 11843 deals with the assessment of the capability of detection of a measurement method without the assumptions in ISO 11843-2 of a linear calibration curve and certain relationships between the residual standard deviation and the value of the net state variable NOTE These assumptions are often doubtful for values of the net state variable close to zero. Instead of estimating the minimum detectable value, this part of ISO 11843 provides -- a criterion for judging whether the minimum detectable value is less than a given level of the net state variable, and -- the basic experimental design for testing the conformity of this criterion. For assessment of the capability of detection, for instance as part of the validation of a measurement method, it is often sufficient to confirm that the method has a minimum detectable value that is less than a given value.


Application of statistical methods (03.120.30) Quality techniques (06.020)

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