Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 13012:2012

Petrol filling stations - Construction and performance of automatic nozzles for use on fuel dispensers

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies safety and environmental requirements for the construction and performance of nozzles to be fitted to metering pumps and dispensers installed at filling stations and which are used to dispense liquid fuels into the tanks of motor vehicles, boats and light aircraft and into portable containers, at flow rates up to 200 l min-1. The requirements apply to automatic nozzles dispensing flammable liquid fuels at ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +40 °C with the possibility for an extended temperature range. This European Standard does not apply to equipment dispensing liquefied petroleum gas nor compressed natural gas. This European Standard does not include any requirements for metering performance, such as may be specified under the Measuring Instruments Directive, nor those requirements specified under the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive. Vapour recovery efficiency rates are not considered within this European Standard. NOTE 1 This European Standard does not apply to equipment for use with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG). NOTE 2 Fuels other than of Explosion Group IIA are excluded from this European Standard.


Shop fabricated metallic tanks & equipment for storage and for service stations (14.480) Petroleum products and natural gas handling equipment (75.200)

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Article no: STD-86734

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Approved: 6/30/2012

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Replaces: SS-EN 13012