Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 19165-1:2018

Geographic information - Preservation of digital data and metadata - Part 1: Fundamentals (ISO 19165-1:2018, IDT)

Status: Valid

ISO 19165-1:2018 defines a preservation metadata extension of ISO 19115‑1. ISO 19165-1:2018 defines the requirements for the long-term preservation of digital geospatial data. These data also include metadata, representation information, provenance, context and any other content items that capture the knowledge that are necessary to fully understand and reuse the archived data. This document also refers to characteristics of data formats that are useful for the purpose of archiving. Geospatial data are preserved as a geospatial information package (IP). This document defines the requirements of the geospatial archival IP and details of the geospatial submission and the dissemination IPs. A geospatial archival IP is fully self-describing and allows a future reconstruction of the dataset without external documentation. The functional requirements for a preservation archive are defined in Annex D. ISO 19165-1:2018 complements standards developed by ISO/TC 211 as well as other ISO standards such as ISO 14721.


IT applications in science (35.240.70)

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