Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 17269:2019

Health informatics - The International Patient Summary

Status: Valid

This standard formalises the dataset required to share information about the medical background and history of a patient from the patient’s country of affiliation with a healthcare professional in another country where unscheduled treatment is required. It uses the European guidelines (version 2, November 2016) as an official source for the requirements. The scope for the ‘Patient Summary for Unscheduled, Cross-border Care’ standard is of international significance. This standard, therefore, complements co-ordinated international efforts to maximise its utility and value, providing an interoperable dataset specification. The dataset is minimal and non-exhaustive, providing a robust, well-defined set of items that are specialty-agnostic, condition-independent and usable by all clinicians for the unscheduled care of a person. The dataset will also be usable as a valuable subset of data items for scheduled care. The dataset enables cross-border application and it will support national communication of patient summary data, thereby providing wider applicability and greater benefit from the standard for the continuity of care of a person in need. This international standard does not cover workflow processes of data entry, data collection, the summarisation act nor subsequent data presentation. Implementation guidance for specifically European concerns, e.g., Directives, terminologies, formats etc., is in the associated Technical Specification.


IT applications in health care technology (35.240.80)

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