Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 24502:2010

Ergonomics - Accessible design - Specification of age-related luminance contrast for coloured light (ISO 24502:2010)

Status: Valid

This International Standard specifies the age-related luminance contrast of any two lights of different colour seen by a person at any age, by taking into account the age-related change of spectral luminous efficiency of the eye.

This International Standard provides a basic method of calculation that can be applied to the design of lighting, visual signs and displays. It applies to light, self-luminous or reflected, in visual signs and displays seen under moderately bright conditions called photopic vision and whose spectral radiance is known or measurable. It does not apply to light seen under darker conditions called mesopic or scotopic vision.

This International Standard specifies the luminance contrast for people aged from 10 to 79 years who have had no medical treatment or surgery on their eyes that may affect their spectral luminous efficiency.

This International Standard does not apply to visual signs and displays seen by people with colour defects whose spectral luminous efficiency is different from those with normal colour vision, nor those seen by people with low vision.


Aids and adaptations for reading (11.180.30) Danger signals (12.010) Light and lightning (12.020) Thermal environments (12.030) Human-system interaction (12.040) Ergonomics (13.180)

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Written by: Belastningsergonomi, SIS/TK 380/AG 01

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Article no: STD-76216

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Approved: 12/27/2010

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