Standard Swedish standard · SS 774000:2018

Adaptations of cars for persons with reduced mobility

Status: Valid

This standard sets out requirements and gives guidance for the design, performance and installation of caradaptations for drivers and seated passengers with physical limitations. This standard concerns the complete car-adaptation process including driver assessment, risk analysis, information supply, manufacture, installation, and verification of the delivered product in relation to the physical and cognitive limitations and capabilities of the driver. This standard applies to car-adaptations manufactured for aftermarket installation as well as for the production and installation of customized or tailor-made solutions. It does not have any content referring to the conversion of vehicles for disabled persons but where adaptations are used in conjunction with a converted vehicle then it would be applicable to the adaptations alone. This standard applies only to privately used vehicles.


Aids and adaptation for moving (11.180.10) Passenger cars, caravans and light trailers (43.100) Special purpose vehicles (43.160)

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Written by: SIS - Industriteknik

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Article no: STD-80005486

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Approved: 7/11/2018

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