Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 15911:2010

Foodstuffs - Simultaneous determination of nine sweeteners by high performance liquid chromatography and evaporative light scattering detection

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies a method for the simultaneous determination of nine sweeteners in beverages and canned or bottled fruits by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with evaporative light scattering detection (HPLC-ELSD). This method has been validated in an interlaboratory study via the analysis of spiked samples on the following matrices:
- acesulfame-K (ACS-K) (from 38,3 mg/l to 383,5 mg/l) in beverages and (from 38,4 mg/kg to 391,3 mg/kg) in canned fruits;
- alitame (ALI) (from 31,1 mg/l to 114,5 mg/l) in beverages and (from 36 mg/kg to 175,2 mg/kg) in canned fruits;
- aspartame (ASP) (from 38,1 mg/l to 702 mg/l) in beverages and (from 37,2 mg/kg to 1 120,2 mg/kg) in canned fruits;
- cyclamic acid (CYC) (from 28,3 mg/l to 307,2 mg/l) in beverages and (from 27,5 mg/kg to 1 100,6 mg/kg) in canned fruits;
- dulcin (DUL) (from 55,0 mg/l to 115,1 mg/l) in beverages and (from 49,8 mg/kg to 172,6 mg/kg) in canned fruits;
- neotame (NEO) (from 37,6 mg/l to 115,3 mg/l) in beverages and (from 37,3 mg/kg to 173,7 mg/kg) in canned fruits;
- neohesperidine dihydrochalcone (NHDC) (from 31,4 mg/l to 59,3 mg/l) in beverages and (from 35,3 mg/kg to 59,3 mg/kg) in canned fruits;
- saccharin (SAC) (from 36,2 mg/l to 87,6 mg/l) in beverages and (from 44,3 mg/kg to 235,3 mg/kg) in canned fruits;
- sucralose (SCL) (from 36,8 mg/l to 346,8 mg/l) in beverages and (from 35,3 mg/kg to 462,4 mg/kg) in canned fruits.

For further information on the validation see Clause 8 and Annex C.

NOTE The method has been fully validated [1] through collaborative trial, according to the IUPAC Harmonised Protocol [2], on analyte-matrix combinations of all nine sweeteners in beverages and canned or bottled fruits.


Sugar and sugar products (67.180.10)

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