Standard Swedish standard · SS-ENV 14194

Foodstuffs - Determination of saxitoxin and dc-saxitoxin in mussels - HPLC method using post column derivatisation

Status: Valid

This European Prestandard specifies a method for the quantitative determination of saxitoxin (STX), dc-saxitoxin (dc-STX) and the qualitative determination of neo-saxitoxin, and the gonyautoxins GTX-2 and GTX-3 in mussels. The method can also be used to identify the N-sulfocarbamoyl toxins C-1, C-2, GTX-5 and GTX-6 after hydrolysis and, if these toxins are present, to exclude false positive results for GTX-2, GTX-3, neo-saxitoxin and saxitoxin. For mussel the limit of quantification is for saxitoxin 0,04 mg/kg mussel meat and for dc-saxitoxin 0,03 mg/kg mussel meat (signal/noise = 10). The limits of detection for C-1, C-2, GTX-2, GTX-3, GTX-5, GTX-6 and neo-saxitoxin have not been determined.


Fish and fishery products (67.120.30)

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Approved: 5/31/2002

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