Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 12516-3

Valves - Shell design strength - Part 3: Experimental method

Status: Valid · Corrected by: SS-EN 12516-3/AC:2003

This standard specifies requirements for an experimental method to prove that representative samples of valve shells and their body ends, made in cast iron, steel or copper alloy materials, are designed to possess the required pressure containing capability, with an adequate margin of safety. This standard is not applicable to valves designed on the basis of time dependent strength values (creep) or valves designed for pulsating pressure applications (fatigue). NOTE For valves needing to comply with the EU Directive 97/23/EC (PED), the upper limit for application of this standard without calculation, is when the maximum allowable pressure at room temperature, PSRT, multiplied by the DN-number is less than 3000 bar. This standard may be used to supplement the Tabulation method for steel valves, Part 1, and the Calculation method for steel valves, Part 2 without limit.


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