Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 16506:2014

Systems for renovation of drains and sewers - Lining with a rigidly anchored plastics inner layer (RAPL)

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies performance requirements and describes test methods for pipes and fittings for the renovation of underground drain and sewer systems by lining with a single rigid annulus of structural cementitious grout formed behind a plastics inner layer. This plastics layer serves as permanent formwork anchored to the grout. It is applicable to plastics inner layers and grout systems with or without steel reinforcement.
This European Standard does not apply to the structural design of the lining system.
NOTE Systems with multiple annuli are available, but these are controlled by patent rights and not covered by this European Standard.


Pressure vessels, metallic industrial piping (23.040.05) Plastics pipes (23.040.20) Plastics fittings (23.040.45) External sewage systems (93.030)

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Approved: 10/19/2014

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