Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 10311:2005

Joints for the connection of steel tubes and fittings for the conveyance of water and other aqueous liquids

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies a range of jointing methods for connecting low alloy steel tubes and steel tubes and fittings for use with aqueous liquids. The following specific joint types are covered by this document: butt welded joints, welded spigot and socket (or sleeve joints), welding collars, flange joints, threaded joints, spigot and socket joints with seal and mechanical couplings. This European Standard specifies requirements for the strength and integrity of the joints and the testing of the joints. This European Standard does not specify the requirements for the tubes or the fittings. This European Standard is suitable for joints intended for the conveyance of water for human consumption, after an appropriate coating has been applied. This European Standard is not intended for use in heating networks where elevated temperature properties are required. Flexible joints which permit significant angular deflection, both during and after installation and which can accept slight offset of the centre line, are not covered by this European Standard.


Flanges, couplings and joints (23.040.60)

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Approved: 6/9/2005

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