Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN ISO 10297:2014

Gas cylinders - Cylinder valves - Specification and type testing (ISO 10297:2014, Corrected version 2014-11-01)

Status: Valid · Amended by: SS-EN ISO 10297:2014/A1:2017

This International Standard specifies design, type testing and marking requirements for:
a) cylinder valves intended to be fitted to refillable transportable gas cylinders;
b) main valves (excluding ball valves) for cylinder bundles;
c) cylinder valves or main valves with integrated pressure regulator (VIPR);

which convey compressed, liquefied or dissolved gases.

NOTE 1 Where there is no risk of ambiguity, cylinder valves, main valves and VIPR are addressed with the collective term “valves” within this International Standard.

This International Standard covers the function of a valve as a closure.

This International Standard does not apply to
— valves for cryogenic equipment, portable fire extinguishers and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and
— quick-release valves (e.g. for fire-extinguishing, explosion protection and rescue applications), non-return valves or ball valves.

NOTE 2 Requirements for valves for cryogenic vessels are specified in ISO 21011 and at a regional level e.g. in EN 1626. Requirements for LPG valves are specified in ISO 14245 or ISO 15995. Requirements for quick-release valves are specified e.g. in ISO 17871. Requirements for valves for portable fire extinguishers at a regional level are specified e.g. in EN 3 series. Requirements for non-return valves and ball valves might be specified in international/regional standards.

NOTE 3 Requirements for manufacturing tests and examinations of valves covered by this International Standard are given in ISO 14246.

NOTE 4 Additional requirements for VIPR are specified in ISO 22435 for industrial applications or ISO 10524-3 for medical applications. Additional requirements for residual pressure valves with or without a non-return function are specified in ISO 15996. Additional requirements for pressure-relief devices might be specified in international/regional regulations/standards.


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Language: English

Written by: SIS - Standardiseringens stöd

International title: Gas cylinders - Cylinder valves - Specification and type testing (ISO 10297:2014, Corrected version 2014-11-01)

Article no: STD-102469

Edition: 2

Approved: 7/24/2014

No of pages: 56

Replaces: SS-EN ISO 10297:2006