Standard Technical specification · SIS-CEN ISO/TS 15694:2004

Mechanical vibration and shock - Measurement and evaluation of single shocks transmitted from hand-held and hand-guided machines to the hand-arm system (ISO/TS 15694:2004)

Status: Valid

This Technical Specification specifies methods for measuring single shocks at the handle(s) of hand-held and hand-guided machinery characterised by a maximum strike rate below 5 Hz. NOTE In order to describe the characteristics of single shocks, this Technical Specification defines quantities for the evaluation which go beyond those defined for hand-transmitted vibration in EN ISO 5349-1. This Technical Specification also defines additional requirements for the measuring instrumentation which is necessary for the evaluation of shocks (see Annexes A, B, D and E). The aim is to facilitate the gathering of emission and human exposure data in order to provide a basis for emission declaration and for the future development of exposure risk criteria. However, this Technical Specification does not provide methods for the interpretation of the potential human effects of single shocks. This Technical Specification therefore is a basis for measurement and evaluation of emission of single shocks from hand-held and hand-guided machinery but does not cover the evaluation of human exposure.


Vibration and shock with respect to human beings (13.160)

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Article no: STD-35944

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Approved: 5/5/2004

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