Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 50379-1

Specification for portable electrical apparatus designed to measure combustion flue gas parameters of heating appliances - Part 1: General requirements and test methods

Status: Withdrawn

· Replaced by: SS-EN 50379-1
This European Standard covers apparatus for measuring gas concentrations and other combustion parameters, as used in the installation and maintenance of heating appliances. Such apparatus may be used for testing the performance of appliances for different types of fuels, either by the installer, maintenance engineer or inspector.
The apparatus may consist of different functional modules, which may be tested separately for complying with this standard and will be combined in different ways according to the different applications. The apparatus shall comply with requirements as specified in EN 50379-2 and/or EN 50379-3.
This European Standard specifies general requirements for the construction, testing and performance of portable spot reading apparatus designed to give an assessment of specific combustion flue gas parameters, such as concentration of gaseous compounds, temperature and/or pressure, to check the combustion performance of heating appliances for domestic residential and commercial applications, using commercially available fuels.
This standard excludes apparatus for
-- continuous emission, safety monitoring and control, and
-- use in vessels with an international load line.
NOTE 1 When this apparatus is used in industrial premises national regulations may apply.
NOTE 2 Apparatus may contain functional modules which are not covered by this standard e.g. measurement of smoke spot number (see Annex A of EN 267).


Stationary source emissions (13.040.40) Central heating systems (91.140.10)

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Written by: SEK Svensk Elstandard

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Article no: STD-3331799

Edition: 1

Approved: 11/22/2004

No of pages: 34

Replaced by: SS-EN 50379-1