Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 13631-7

Explosives for civil uses - High explosives - Part 7: Determination of safety and reliability at extreme temperatures

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies the special conditions and procedures permitting the extension to wider ranges of applicability of the following test methods: -- determination of resistance to hydrostatic pressure; -- verification of the means of initiation; -- determination of transmission of detonation; Standardised test methods at extreme temperatures for the following purposes are not given: -- determination of sensitiveness to friction; -- determination of sensitiveness to impact; -- determination of resistance to water; -- determination of the initiating capability of boosters; -- determination of velocity of detonation. NOTE In these cases, the manufacturer of the explosive should provide a suitable test method and, in cases where the results should be checked by an independent institution or authority, the manufacturer and the institution or authority should agree upon a suitable test method.


Explosives, pyrotechnics (71.100.30)

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Approved: 12/5/2003

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