Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 13740-2

Agricultural machinery - Solid fertilizer line-distributors - Environmental protection - Part 2: Test methods

Status: Valid

This European Standard specifies methods to test mounted, trailed and self-propelled solid fertilizer line-distributors including such machines attached to a basic machine, used in agriculture and horticulture. This European Standard does not apply to machines which are: - equipment for distributing liquid fertilizer; or - equipment for distributing liquid or granulated pesticides; or - solid fertilizer broadcasters and full width distributors (which are dealt with in EN 13739-1:2003 and EN 13739-2:2003). NOTE The standard is also applicable to drilling machines if it is stated by the machine manufacturer that the machine is suitable for fertilizer application. If the term "machine" is used, it covers both drilling and spreading line-distributors.


Storage, preparation and distribution of fertilizers (65.060.25)

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