Goal 6 - Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

Access to clean water is a necessity for life, a basic human right. Lack of access to clean water is a hinder for sustainable development as it causes illnesses, inhabits both food and energy production and may cause conflict as resources become scarce. Within goal number 6 different sub-goals relating to access to water and sanitation are highlighted, among them a pledge to by 2030 increase the international support towards strengthening developing countries capacity in water and sanitation efforts. Among these technics for de-saltation, sewer and water reuse are mentioned as important aspects.

In the EAC-region experts from Rwanda and Kenya are actively involved in ISO/TC 282 Water reuse. Through the SIS-EAC programme experts from Rwanda are active in ISO/TC 282/SC 2 Water reuse in urban areas and ISO/TC 282/SC 3 Risk and performance evaluation of water reuse. By participating in these groups Rwanda is taking an active role and action towards finding suitable solutions for the issues in the country benefiting the general public, and also supporting expressed needs from enterprises who depend on water in their businesses.