Goal 3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Good health at all ages and aspects of a person´s life is a prerequisite for everyone to be able to reach their full potential. Investments in the health sector and health systems tends to be an investment in society at large as healthy citizens are needed to develop all other sectors. To ensure good health investments in health systems are highlighted in goal number 3 but also access to nutritional food, clean water, clean air, sanitation and medicine are highlighted as contributing factors.

One ISO standardization process which covers many of these factors, and is a key priority among the EAC-member countries is ISO/TC 283 Clean cookstoves and clean cooking solutions. Indoor pollution from unclean cookstoves is a pressing issue in many countries as the pollutions lead to respiratory illnesses but also worldwide as unclean cooking solutions adds to the general air pollution and climate challenge faced by everybody.  Kenya hold the secretariat for ISO/TC 285 together with USA. Within the EAC programme sponsored delegates from all member states have attended international meetings as well as regional workshops on this topic.

Many health related issues like the affects from unclean cooking solutions mostly affect women. The same is true for the work being done within ISO/TC 157 Non Systematic Contraceptive and STI barrier prophylactics, where Uganda is actively participating and have participated in international meetings under SIS sponsorship. As in the international committee the Swedish mirror committee SIS/TK 335 Preventivmedel och förebyggande skydd mot STI, utan systemisk effekt participants are both manufactures and non-profit organizations focused on family planning and sexual reproductive health and rights.