Goal 2 - End hunger

Estimates from the UN says that around 850 million people live in hunger and food insecurity, the vast majority in developing countries. This is a tragedy and also a violation against the Human rights charter. Goal number 2 aims to end hunger worldwide through promoting sustainable agriculture for food products and work towards improved nutrition. Within in the EAC and ECOWAS projects SIS are supporting national experts to participate in the international standardization processes relating to food products, food safety and management.

One sub-goal in goal 2 is to even out the current obstacles to trade mostly affecting the possibility of developing countries to access the world market. Enabling developing countries to participate on the scene where international standards are written is one way to even out the inequality, but it also to ensures that food produces being sold on the national market are safe. By supporting for example delegates from Rwanda to participate in ISO/TC 34 Food Products and ISO/TC 34/SC3 Fruits and Vegetable the Rwandan national standardization organization have taken upon themselves to be the driving organization behind producing an international standard on cassava leaves, opening up new possibilities for this regional product.

Sweden and SIS/TK 435 Livsmedel och Foder are also involved in the standardization process for food products. As a country which import products, safety requirements and management are in focus. At ISO-meetings producing and importing countries have the chance to meet and by supporting developing countries to actually attend these meetings SIS is contributing to the global relevance of standards.