Goal 15 - Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss

SDG 15 is highlighting the need to decrease deforestation and desertification, protect biodiversity and homes of the indigenous population, caused by human activities and climate change. One of the targets is to mobilize and significantly increase financial resources from all sources to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity and ecosystems as well as protection of poor people’s access to their land and home.

In two of the regional projects implemented by SIS, the development of ISO 13065 Sustainability Criteria for Bioenergy has been used as pilot. The standard was published in 2015 but through the development process, issues like biodiversity, food security, land use rights have been commented and raised as major concern by the experts representing developing countries in East Africa (EAC) and south and southeast Asia. Through improved capacity on international standardisation, increased engagement by various stakeholders, training in negotiation skills and hands-on practical experience of attending international ISO meetings as well as by networking and affiliating with other country delegations, the developing countries have got support for their comments and these issues are incorporated into the final version of the standard.