EU Twinning

EU Twinning is support by the EU Commission to non-EU member states and candidate countries to improve their capacity towards fulfilling the criteria for becoming EU members. It is directed to Government agencies in EU member states to share its experience and support capacity building among non-EU member states. Sida is supporting Swedish Government agencies to engage in this EU initiative through offering financial support for submission of technical proposals for various assignments under the EU Twinning approach.

SIS is since beginning of 2017, mandatory body for EU Twinning projects and TAIEX. SIS was approved as mandatory body as SIS is authorized to represent Sweden in ISO and CEN. This means that SIS can submit technical proposals under EU Twinning.

The EU Commission is more often asking for development of standards that can be adopted to support the European legislation and to make it easier for citizens and organisations to fulfil the requirements and legislation.

In EU’s Aquis Communautaire there are references to more than 4700 standards of which 408 are direct references and 4315 are indirect. Standards have a specific importance in chapter 1 (free movement of products) and chapter 5 (public procurement) and is therefore of importance for countries to become EU members.