Welcome to the new SIS website

SIS is launching a new website in June. Its innovative features include a completely new top navigation bar that makes it easier for you to find our products. The new website is also easier to view and navigate on mobile devices, so you will always be able to access www.sis.se – wherever you happen to be.

“The redesign of our website is well in line with our digital transformation at SIS. We aim to change our technical environment and ensure that we are well equipped to meet the demand for digital services in the future,” says CEO Thomas Idermark. “Both committee activities and the provision of standards will need to be carried out more efficiently in the future. We are now laying the groundwork for this and the launch of our new website is the first step.”

“Work on our new website has been in progress throughout the spring. Many of us have been working in a targeted way on this,” says Director of Communications Niki Westerberg, who is responsible for www.sis.se. “We’ve evaluated customer questionnaires and carefully analysed visitor statistics to enable us to launch a modern website that’s more user-friendly for our customers. We have also kept within the budgetary limits we set, which is a great credit to the project, which we have carried out in association with management and IT consultancy firm Claremont.”

If you have difficulties logging in, trouble finding what you’re looking for or any other problems, please contact siskundservice@sis.se