Health and Wellness Week at Expo 2020

SIS will take part at the Health and Wellness Week at Expo 2020 in February 2022. As a member of Swecare we are invited to join their exhibition at the Swedish pavilion to reach out to you that have ambitions to scale up your company.

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Expo 2020 in Dubai has opened its doors and Sweden is there to create collaboration and dialogue, promote Swedish export and contribute to sustainable solutions for the many global challenges.

For many Swedish companies, organizations, government agencies and other actors, SIS is a member of Swecare and is participating in the delegation as such. Also, through the membership of ISO and CEN, SIS manages a network of experts working together to create international standards.

>> The Health and Wellness week is taking place during February 2022.

SIS' participation

SIS will take part in the Health and Wellness Week at Expo 2020. Swedish life science companies will be gathering there with a view to collaborate and co-create responses to global health challenges with other countries and relevant stakeholders. The Swedish pavilion offers a credible platform and a fantastic opportunity to showcase Swedish innovative power to a global audience.

SIS will be taking part to highlight the value of using standards and to identify potential opportunities for future standardisation. We look forward to exchanging views on this with the companies and organisations in the delegation, and with other stakeholders.

If you want to learn more - or contribute to smart global solutions, please one of us.

Camilla Åberg, International Relations Manager at SIS
Camilla will be happy to respond to any queries you may have on trade, market access, European and global standards, and on how you can benefit from standards and standardisation.



Sarah Sim, Manager Health Care at SIS
Sarah will be happy to respond to any queries you may have on the use of standards when it comes to the quality, safety and efficiency of products, processes and services within the health care sector.


SIS is a member of Swecare

In order to facilitate market access for life science companies, standards and standardization are key in order to succeed. Being a member of Swecare, SIS can reach out to companies that have ambitions to scale up. On this theme page we aim to share information on the benefits of standards and standardization and the ongoing activities that SIS conducts.

SIS is a non-profit organization and a member association that aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish companies and therefore joins forces with Swecare in this endeavor.

Why do companies need standards and standardization?

Well, if you ask 1 179 companies (to be exact) quite some statements can be found regarding their importance:

  • Standards are used to ensure quality, safety and compatibility.
  • Standards allow access to new markets.
  • Standards create trust with customers.

Companies participating in standardization are not satisfied with just using the standards. They also want to be part in developing them, have a say about the content, and be fully ready when new requirements are published. While doing this they participate in a unique network of professionals within their specific field, be it  precision medicine, ethical AI, gender diversity or e-health.

Let us be a part of your business development

We hope that our presence at Expo 2020 will initiate discussions on what standards are already available of and can be used to support market access, quality and reliability, as well as new ideas that we can develop together. Within the platform of SIS, stakeholders from industry, start-ups, academia and non-governmental organizations can propose initiatives for standards and collaborate on solutions that promote the competitiveness of Swedish companies as well as strengthen the smart and sustainable development of health care.

We strive to increase Sweden's influence on international standard development and ensure that best practices and effective solutions are shared and leveraged throughout Sweden. We also offer training, services and products that help our customers develop quality, effectiveness, safety, and reliability with the help of standards.



If you want to learn more or contribute to smart global solutions, contact us.