SS-EN 13796-2:2017

Säkerhetskrav för linbaneanläggningar för persontransport - Transporterande anordningar - Del 2: Provning av linklämmors glidningsmotstånd

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SS-EN 13796-2:2017




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495 SEK
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This European Standard specifies the safety requirements applicable to carriers for cableway installations designed to carry persons. It is applicable to the various types of installations and takes into account their environment.
This European Standard describes the requirements to be met when testing the slipping resistance of grips clamped
- on the haulage or carrying hauling rope of carriers of monocable or bicable aerial ropeways with fixed or detachable grips, covered by EN 13796-1;
- on the towing rope of ski-tows with fixed grips, covered by EN 13796-1.
It does not apply to installations for the transportation of goods nor to lifts.

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