SS-EN ISO 11127-2:2011

Behandling av stålytor före beläggning med färg, lack och liknande produkter - Provningsmetoder för icke-metalliska blästermedel - Del 2: Bestämning av kornstorleksfördelning (ISO 11127-2:2011)

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SS-EN ISO 11127-2:2011




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This is one of a number of parts of ISO 11127 dealing with the sampling and testing of non-metallic abrasives for blast-cleaning.

The types of non-metallic abrasive and requirements on each are contained in ISO 11126.

The ISO 11126 and ISO 11127 series have been drafted as a coherent set of International Standards on nonmetallic blast-cleaning abrasives. Information on all parts of both series is given in Annex A.

This part of ISO 11127 specifies a method for the determination of the particle size distribution of non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives by sieving.

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