SS-EN ISO 9241-392:2017

Ergonomi vid människa-systeminteraktion - Del 392: Ergonomiska rekommendationer för minskning av visuell trötthet från stereoskopiska bilder (ISO 9241-392:2015)

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SS-EN ISO 9241-392:2017




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ISO 9241-392:2015 establishes recommendations for reducing the potential visual discomfort and visual fatigue experienced during viewing of stereoscopic images under defined viewing conditions. Visual fatigue and discomfort might be produced by the stereoscopic optical stimulus of disparate images that were presented binocularly.

ISO 9241-392:2015 is also applicable to the final products of stereoscopic presentations which depend on stereoscopic image content and stereoscopic displays when viewed under appropriate defined conditions. Therefore, the recommendations are intended for people responsible for the design, development, and supply of stereoscopic image content as well as stereoscopic displays.

NOTE 1 See Annex B for appropriate viewing conditions.

The recommendations in this part of ISO 9241 are applicable to stereoscopic displays such as those with glasses and two-view autostereoscopic displays, stereoscopic head-mounted displays, and stereoscopic projectors. Moreover, they are applicable to stereoscopic image content intended to be presented on the above-mentioned stereoscopic displays and stereoscopic presentations that are realized by the combinations of these images and displays.

NOTE 2 Annex C presents numerical criteria as an informative reference.

NOTE 3 Other guidance might need to be established by referring to this part of ISO 9241 when requirements and recommendations specific to each type of stereoscopic image content or stereoscopic display become necessary.
NOTE 4 ITU generally sets the standards for broadcasting.

NOTE 5 ISO 9241-303:2011, Annex E provides guidelines for virtual displays which are intended for stereoscopic head-mounted displays.

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