SS-ISO 1924-3:2011

Paper and board - Determination of tensile properties - Part 3: Constant rate of elongation method (100 mm/min) (ISO 1924-3:2005, IDT)

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SS-ISO 1924-3:2011




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680 SEK
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This part of ISO 1924 specifies a method for measuring the tensile strength, strain at break, tensile energy absorption and tensile stiffness, using a testing machine operating with a constant rate of elongation (100 mm/min). This part of ISO 1924 also specifies equations for calculating the tensile index, the tensile energy absorption index, the tensile stiffness index and the modulus of elasticity.

When tensile stiffness is to be determined, a greater accuracy is required in the elongation measurement than when the other tensile properties are to be determined. If the elongation is determined with the lower accuracy, the tensile stiffness value obtained is not in accordance with this part of ISO 1924.

This part of ISO 1924 is applicable to all papers and boards, including papers of high extensibility, such as creped papers and extensible sack papers, but with the exception of low-density papers such as tissue papers and tissue products for which ISO 12625-4[2] is recommended.

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